Coaching focuses on your specific life as it relates to goal setting, outcome creation, and making change.  Coaching is about support, accountability, overcoming obstacles, accessing your best intellectual mind and most impactful emotional states to get results with speed and quality. 

  Only YOU hold the Map

We all have a unique set of gifts and a unique set of personal challenges and obstacles to help us grow and evolve to our potential.  (And those challenges will keep showing up until you resolve them.) We have to make choices and those choices aren’t always easy.  Each of us has lived a life full of seconds, minutes, and hours that have shaped us.  You are the only one that will think, feel, say, and act the way that you do.  You are one of a kind.

International Coaching Federation (ICF) ~ Proven Benefits of Coaching

Decades of research show that intellectual intelligence is not the only factor for success.  Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence is what sets apart top performers.  Those are imperative skills if you are one that chooses to lead yourself and others by inspiring, motivating, and using your strengths and the strengths of those around you.

That’s why my coaching style is not about answering your burning life questions or telling you what to do when you are stuck.  It is about YOU learning how to do that for yourself – building your intuitive skill.  What I will be doing is guiding you, supporting you, opening possibilities, tapping you into your abilities, and holding you accountable based on the goals that you make in any area or more than one area in your life (relationships, communication, career, hobbies, finances, mental wellness, physical wellness, emotional and spiritual).

My specialty includes connecting you to your own inner strength,  wisdom and intuition. I provide you with tools and techniques you can access for a lifetime to help you to reach any and all of your future goals.

I focus on what you need to reach your goals such as resilience, stamina, vitality, inspiration, motivation, empowerment, creativity, resourcefulness, decreasing anxiety/stress/overwhelm/depression, recognizing your patterns and triggers that keep you stuck, anchoring actions that move you forward….

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More Coaching Facts and how Coaching is different from other services like Counseling or Therapy

I am a certified coach and trained one-on-one by Master Coaches at one of the most respected and top coaching educational institutions in the world, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

You already have all you need to make your life the way you want.

You have all the answers to those questions you’ve been seeking out.

You can change the things that aren’t making you smile.

All you need is your commitment

Do you have a relationship, career, or health goal that you want right now!?

Do you want better and more effective communication?

Do you want an increase in fulfilling and energizing relationships?

Do you want to be a leader that inspires and empowers others to follow you naturally?

Could you use less anxiety and stress?

Could you benefit from creative solutions and resourcefulness when things aren’t going perfectly?

Do you want to let go of confusion and anxiousness and get clear and focused so you can step up when you need it most?

Do you want to learn how to Dance with your Shadows when they show up?

Do you want more time for the things you love?

Are you searching for more balance in your life?

Would an unshakeable foundation of confidence and courage make a difference in reaching your goals?

What do you want your breakthrough to be?

All you need is your commitment and I will guide you through the rest. I work with you to create the lifestyle of balance and fulfillment in areas of communication, relationships (business and personal), sales, networking, financial, career, and health & wellness goals.

Have Fun and be Fearless

Assert Confidence and Exude your Natural Charm and Beauty

Grow with Speed and Quality

This is where I have transformed my own life and have the skills, education, and experience to get you to the Lifestyle of your Dreams from the Inside Out.

Are you ready to set your life on fire?!   Your Lifestyle ….is waiting for you.