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My coaching is about connecting you deeply to your authenticity, power, wisdom, and vitality.

This is where my experience, expertise, education and passions collide! I am a life long learner and am continually enhancing my skills and knowledge in psychology, behaviour, relationships, communication, making change, spirituality, emotional and social intelligence, success, leadership, mental focus, resilience, neurosciences,….and so much more! I’m kind of an obsessed nerd in this area of study and it has been a hobby since I was a teenager. 

Getting what you want out of life happens when you know who you are, what you want, your strengths, your weaknesses, your obstacles and then successfully move through all those to make your goals a reality.  In fact, every one of your goals happen faster when you know yourself in all these areas.

When you combine the awareness and strength of all the versions of you ~ the light & the shadow side within you ~ you reach an amazing place; rather than reacting to what is happening to you, you start leading and choosing your life. 

No Apologies ….No Excuses ….No Regrets

If you know you could benefit from facing your fears and living with greater courage and confidence in all areas of your life…I can help you do that. 

When life is going smoothly we don’t pay attention and go with the flow. When things start going against what we want our shadow appears and we start avoiding, escaping, or distracting; we start getting taken over by our stress, worry, anxiety, depression, or anger; we put on a mask so no one will notice that we aren’t perfect. Maybe you’re the type to try to escape those shadow feelings with keeping busy, keeping your head up, or grinding away. Maybe you keep talk, talk, talking it out and keep ask, ask, asking for advice. It may work for a little while, but it always comes back, doesn’t it?

We are both our Light & Shadows

Your Shadow side is all the parts of you that you don’t want to look at, that you hide from, that you don’t even know are there (blind spots & self-limiting beliefs), or that you don’t want others to see in you and be judged for. We all have shadows and the more we avoid it, the stronger the power it has over us and the more we experience anxieties, depressions, constant drama, dis-ease…

What do you want?

Is it a feeling…of control, fulfillment, balance, love, respect, worth

Is it a goal…fitness, financial, career, leadership, wellness, relationship

I love doing Shadow work because I have faced and embraced my fears and seen for myself that 99% of Fears are a Veil of Nothing.  I want to show you so you can be free. 



My coaching philosophy

Nothing in your life will ever be more important than the relationship that you have with yourself. The amount of love, happiness, success, wealth, and health you desire in your life depends upon it.

It is the one and only thing you have control of or power over: your thoughts, your feelings, your wants and wishes, your behaviors and actions in reaching your personal or professional goals.

Everything is constantly changing

Everything happening outside of you is unpredictable including people

Constant distractions are pulling your focus away

Being able to maneuver through these is one of the most vital skills you can have. The only way to do this is by creating a strong and healthy relationship with all of you, Your Shadow and Your Light.

I work with self-starting women who are ready to embrace their true power whether they are going through a life transition or evolving to the next level of their professional success. Women who are done thinking about it and talking about it and are ready to take action.

An Inner Leader is someone who is inspired to be responsible for their impact and the affects of their thoughts, feelings, and actions on themselves and everyone they come across. Your Lifestyle is what you choose to do every day and how you choose to feel every day.

I guide you on how to move from chaos to calm, turn your fear into fuel, and harness the power hiding within your shadows. I also include self-care strategies to keep your mind-body strong.

Your priority is learning Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence skills which all start with self-awareness: who are you now.

As an Inner Leader & Lifestyle coach, my approach is holistic and impacts positive change throughout both your personal and professional life. You will become your own personal power creator, as I guide you to integrate real-life experiential tools and techniques to create sustainable long-term results.

My purpose and love is to guide women like you to become authentically empowered leaders and naturally inspire by embracing both the brilliance of your light and to dance with the immense power hiding within your shadows.

You will define what success looks like for you and then we will immediately create that lifestyle you desire while I support you to reach those amazing goals!