Whether you are ready to leave your legacy, reach for your biggest and fullest life possible, or simply want to access your full power hidden within you, Your Light and Your Dark, so you can fearlessly embrace your depth and dance with life’s mental/emotional stressors as you show up with confidence, courage, creativity…..power!





I work with a combination of modalities of energy work, cognitive-behaviour training, psychological knowledge, mindfulness & meditation techniques, breathe work, emotional body releasing practices, neuroscientific research, mindset skills, and the intangible skills that are necessary to embody in order to reach your future goals, future adventures, and future happiness while releasing your past pains, past fears, and past hurts.


One-on-One personalized coaching that starts with Awakening Your Goddess and ends with Awakening Your Warrior. Designed for you if you know you would like to dive deep and know your self completely, once and for all.  You want to be Emotionally Intelligent which leads to Social & Relationship Intelligence which are the foundations for real success in your whole life.  The only thing that matters is the RELATIONSHIP TO YOUR SELF.  Nothing else matters! Not your Kids, Not your Partner, Not your Job, Not your Finances, Not your Hobbies….BOLD STATEMENT, EH!? 

Why?  Because it is from inside of you that you experience all of your life: why you do what you do, like what you like, believe what you believe, behave how you behave, desire what you desire, love who you love.  When you live INSIDE OUT is when you have your full power, control, balance, happiness, motivation, inspiration.  


My personal ethical duty is to first show you how to access your LIGHT, your strong foundation, your brilliance, your unique personal path that your Spirit and Human combined journey is here to experience.  Each session is planned to build your Unshakeable Foundation that you can return to with confidence when doing the Shadow Work.  (see section AWAKEN YOUR GODDESS for in-depth details)


This is where we dive deep into your personal and unique past journey and release whatever is holding you back, whether mental, emotional, or physical, while simultaneously moving you forward into your courage & power! Each session is intuitively planned based on where you are and the depth & height you want to reach.  You decide what you want your Lifestyle to be!  (see section AWAKEN YOUR WARRIOR for in-depth details)


Living Gratitude and Lifestyle Goals are included in Awakening You Power: Part 1 (Awaken Your Goddess) & Part II (Awaken Your Warrior).  These are completed in (usually) one session for each specific Lifestyle Goal and one session for Living Gratitude experiential skill development. 


This was born out of my limited resources of time & energy.  Why do I have to make a special appointment with myself at the end of every day in order to look back and remember the great things in my life…forever…ever…ever? Really?  Why would you wait until the end of everyday when your Life is happening moment to moment?  That just didn’t make sense to me.  I wanted to Live a Lifestyle Of Greatness not just pieces here and there. Living Gratitude will in turn create your ability to CHOOSE your amazing LIFESTYLE as it happens…in turn creating more things to be grateful for and eventually you will notice that you LOVE ALL OF YOUR LIFE!


Can you imagine never failing at any goal you set for yourself EVER AGAIN!

This was born out of the feeling of constantly failing, feeling like a failure, and actually failing to reach my goals that I wanted to do for fun or on my own time.  Energy attracts like Energy.  It’s just simple science.  Have you created the same New Year’s Resolutions only to repeatedly fail or eventually stop. Insert Guilt and Shame here. Maybe even embarrassment when others ask you how it’s going.  Have you wanted to do things…. a hobby, learn something, try something new….only to eventually feel like you don’t have the time for it…and then you have to keep starting over from the beginning or you just give up?  Do you have a To-Do List that you are always adding to but never completing? Where does all this time go, anyways, when others around you seem to have time for their amazing Lifestyle! How do other people reach their goals while staying motivated and inspired?

If you’ve had these thoughts and feelings then this is definitely for you! You pick the slice of life that you want to succeed or exceed in…some examples:  Physical Health (getting fit or a sport), Mental / Emotional Health (less stress, more motivation, self-care), Finances (saving or getting out of debt), Travel, Relationship (love, friendship), Communication (personal or professional)….and we create a Lifestyle Goal around it that will keep you moving forward and getting results!! No Apologies, No Excuses, No Regrets!


* If you have not completed Awakening Your Goddess PART I, then Living Gratitude and Lifestyle Goal integrating will be a minimum of 4 sessions (or more. each person learns at their own pace).


If you are interested in trying out my coaching or you just aren’t sure about making a longer commitment, I can offer you a Taste of Freedom!

You bring whatever is on your mind or your heart and together we create your next steps to a resolution or the empowering and inspiring insight you need to move forward. 

One Session = One Hour = One Topic.

There are some things that money cannot buy, only your time and your willing effort can. 

Peace Love Courage Clarity Creativity Intuition Wisdom Freedom